Institute for Advanced Micro-system Integration
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As a foundation of Japanese manufacturing technological industry.
A Japanese industrial consortium in the semiconductor packaging field, called “Institute for Advanced Micro-system Integration” attains its seventh anniversary. On the basis of surface activated bonding as a breakthrough technology originated from Japan, following activities are being executed in order to explore semiconductor integrated circuits and ultra high density packaging.

1. Development of low cost Microsystems technology
2. Proposal of new design idea for large capacity and high speed signal processing
3. Proposal of environmentally conscious packaging technique

In addition, an endowed chair is established in the advanced packaging field at the University of Tokyo to promote researchers talent with continuous efforts to the international collaboration.
Following are few achievements. The SAB process has been expanded vastly because of the accomplishment of bonding in atmospheric air. In addition, integration of ultra-high pin count of 100 K and micron sized ultra-fine pitch electrodes, which is called as bump-less interconnect was realized, being a pioneer. Furthermore, a number of 20 patents relevant to the high speed transmission and bump-less interconnect researches are being published.
Also from now on, surface activated bonding process will be applied to system in package (SiP) in order to realize the new Microsystems integration concept. In addition, low damage and low cost wafer level bonding process will be developed to accelerate the commercialization of Microsystems such as biological and optical MEMS etc.
In this way, IMSI wishes to present advanced packaging technologies to the world as a foundation of Japanese manufacturing technological industry.