Institute for Advanced Micro-system Integration
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Results of R&D

Room Temperature Wafer Bonding

A wafer level integration process at room temperature has been developed and implemented to integrate 8-inch Si wafers. Compound semiconductor as well as functional ceramic wafers also can be bonded using the process.
RT Wafer Bonding of Si-LN

Au-Au Room Temperature Bonding at Atmosphere

An ultra high precision flip-chip bonding tool has been developed to activate surfaces by utilizing radio frequency plasma process and implemented to integrate Au bump to Au thin film in the atmospheric pressure of air at room temperature.
40mm Au Bumps

SAB of CMP-Cu & Integration of 3mm Electrode and 100K Pin

Direct bonding of CMP-Cu in atomic level has been developed. Moreover, ultra-high density integration of 100K pins of 3mm electrodes in the pitch of 10mm has been demonstrated using a newly proposed bump-less interconnect structures. Also, the low contact resistance of as low as μΩ has been obtained. Direct Interface of CMP-Cu
Prototype of bumpless structure
Integration of 3mm electrodes and 100K pin

Transmission of 3GHz to 100mm

On the basis of power source and wiring line, a single end driver chip was manufactured to generate 3GHz signal. It was demonstrated that digital signal of 3GHz could be transmitted through FR-4 substrate up to 100mm with a -5dB loss. High density (40μm pitch bumpless interconnection) and 3GHz I/O driver system was achieved successfully, that can be used to high-end I/O interface circuit system in all electronic systems. Transmission of 3GHz to 100mm
Study of the I/O system with driver and bampless bonded test chips
A experimental result of the I/O system with driver and bampless interconnection